November 2016 NewsletterNovember 2016 Newsletter

November 2016 Newsletter

Our next Bead Show is 16th February 2019 @ Westmill Community Centre. Pick up your beading and come and bead with us, have a cup of cheer and a chat!!

I have been very busy updating the website with all our events up to the end of May 2017.

The events page gives you a run-down of what we are up to and where we are going. All the bead group meetings are now available to book your places at as well as the workshopswe have planned so far. There are still photographs to be taken and uploaded but it’s nearly there.

We are gradually working our way through the web shop updating photographs but it is a mammouth task! I’m also adding new categories into the shop. Our new range of scissorsis selling well and more are on order as well as point protectors. The magnetic needle minders are also proving very popular with beaders and embroiderers alike and many have been sold as gifts. The CzechCharlottesare also proving popular. Additionally, we are adding more bulk pack availabilites on certain beads. We started with the beads most popular with the knitters among you, 5/00 triangles and 6/00 seeds, and have now added 8/00 triangles. Size 8/00 seed beads next? Let me know what you want to buy in larger packs to save money!

The next thing on my ‘to do list’ is to put my tutorials up for sale. Alongside this will be a new category of materials packs for workshops. When we offer a workshop I buy in all the materials required for the project. Obviously I buy more than will actually sell on the day in order for every student to have a good selection from which to choose. I am going to start selling some of these packs. For example, I have a number of 23mm crystal triangles and 4mm crystal bicones left from Jean Power’s Iskra box workshop. Jean will be teaching this again at the Beadworker’s Guild Great British Beadshow at Staverton Park in May as well as other venues around the country in the following months. More details can be foundJean's site. Please have a look at my crystals when you order your Delica beads needed for the project.

My Christmas project this year uses a hard to get size of crystal as the centrepiece so I am busy making up kits for the project. Any left over will be posted up alongside the tutorial. You still have time to book yourselves onto this fun and versatile workshop which will be part of our last Open Day for 2016. Just click here to bookand start your Christmas celebrations early!

That neatly leads me on to the final piece of information I need to give you – our Christmas holiday. Our last working day will be Friday 16th December and we will start again on Tuesday 3rdJanuary 2017. To be certain of receiving everything you have ordered before Christmas you will need to get your order to me before Tuesday 13th December.

Festive Greetings to you all, Vivien and Richard