October NewsletterOctober Newsletter

October Newsletter

Our next Bead Show is 16th February 2019 @ Westmill Community Centre. Pick up your beading and come and bead with us, have a cup of cheer and a chat!!

Hi Beady Peeps!

We’re back from our holiday refreshed and invigorated! Whilst we were away we exhibited at The Leeds Bead Fair, a new venue for us, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was good to see so many familiar faces and to meet a few new ones. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.


Following Miyuki’s price increase at the beginning of the year I have been busy revisiting our prices. Yes, a few Delica have gone up in price (mostly the precious metal coatings) but more are coming down! Blame careful stock management for that! The prices will gradually change as new stocks arrive, some are only a few pence but others are reduced by as much as 25p. Remember all our Miyuki beads come in full 10gm quantities (except the precious metal coatings again). I have noticed that some of our competitors have reduced the quantity units in order to maintain prices.


The introduction of the Knitter’s Specials category has been very well received, and thank you all for taking the opportunity to save yourselves a few pennies. For those of you that use the larger beads from Miyuki we have added another purchase option. The size 5 triangle beads and size 6 seed beads are now available in 125gram packs. Let us know if you want the larger packs to be available in other shapes and sizes and we will see what we can do. We also introduced a ‘clearance’ section – full of bargains – obviously!


A few new accessories categories will be creeping in over the next few weeks, needle minders, scissors and instruction sheets.


We are gradually building a range of magnetic needle minders. I have started with 15 designs and have used neodymium magnets for these handy additions to your beading mats because they are so much stronger than ordinary ones.


A new range of reasonably priced but pretty scissors will be arriving soon. I like using little, sharp, pointed scissors to snip my threads cleanly but then I take them to a piece of beadwork I’m not happy with and, bang, that’s a bead broken, so now I have bent, blunt scissors and need to buy another pair! I simply don’t think it’s worth paying a lot of money for them. I’m sure I’m not alone here.


I am going to start selling some of my tutorial and project patterns online. Until now they have only been available to personal shoppers, either at our Open Days or at the various bead fairs we attend around the country.


That all brings me neatly around to our next Open Day! Saturday 15thOctober sees us exhibiting at our permanent monthlyvenue - theNEWWestmill Community Centre. You are welcome to just come in and sit for a coffee and/or to bead at our play table and ask for help if you need it and of course the stock will be on view! TheseOpen Daysrun from 10am to 4pm andOctober featuresa workshop with SueMaguire. Please click here to book a place onSue's workshop.


The full address is: Westmill Community centre, John Barker Place, Hitchin, SG5 2PG. John Barker Place is off Westmill Road and then look for the Storm Building hoardings, drive down beside them and you will find the new building on your right. Turn right as you enter the building and there we are! There are regular buses along Westmill Road and further details can be found at http://www.intalink.org.uk/.

We are planning the 2017 calender even as you read this and I will start posting dates as soon as I can. All our usual activities, PHD Beaders, UFO Beaders, Open Days and workshops will be continuing as usual. We have Jean Power booked already for 3 Saturday Open Days – yes THREE!! Woo hoo! We love having her but she’s s
ooo busy. I’m sorting out dates with a few other tutors as well, plus I have my head full of stuff I want to teach!! We will kick-start 2017 with a2-day workshopon3rdweekend in January, details to follow, and there are plans afoot for The Beadworker’s Guild National Beading week and an event with The Bead Society of Great Britain. Will it all fit in the calender? I don’t know but I’m sure going to try!!


Happy beading! Vivien and Richard.