Mats And Trays - BM-BS - Bead Mat - Burnt Sienna

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Bead Mat - Burnt Sienna

BM-BS  Bead Mat - Burnt Sienna

Mats And Trays  BM-BS  Bead Mat - Burnt Sienna


Memory foam beading mat 11" x 14" Assorted dark colours.

These handy, washable mats are perfect for creating a comfortable working environment and will keep your beads in one place. No more rolling off or pinging round the room! They are lightweight and can easily be rolled up making them ideal for storage and travelling purposes.

These dark colours are produced by Vivien (after years of experimenting) and can only be dyed in small batches. They are ideal if you are using light coloured beads. Choose a colour against which your beads are a good contrast.

Burnt Sienna is a limited edition colour.

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